Friday, January 27, 2012

Quick Update

This week has been very bittersweet for us. Wednesday was the start of another treatment for Tim but it was also the 2 year anniversary of his original diagnosis. We're incredibly grateful that Tim is still here fighting and doing as well as he is although I'll be the first to admit that we both really wish the cancer was gone already.

We did find out that a friend Tim made through chemo passed away last night. Its so hard to hear when someone loses the fight but the fact that she was so young and had 3 kids makes the news even harder to stomach.

We also found out that one of Tim's numbers jumped a bit (and not in a good way). Its not enough for us to worry about yet but enough for us to keep a pretty close eye on. For our part it means we will be getting strict about lowering our sugar, meat & dairy intake and upping the exercise. We tend to get slack every so often so we might as well get back into everything. Tim is even starting to learn to like mushrooms due to our lifestyle changes! :)

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this nice weather we've had lately!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beginning of a New Year

I feel like I am starting every new blog post with the sentence: "I am sorry for not updating this in a long time", but it is true. Things have been pretty quiet around the Bright household here recently. We were here in Greenville for Christmas and then went to San Francisco with Jenny's family on Christmas day and got back on New Years day at 2:00 am. It was my first trip to San Fran and it was an amazing place to visit. I have to say that I am now obsessed with wine more than I have ever been. We layed low on New Years day trying to recover from the early morning arrival back in town and to rest up for the big Carolina win and even BIGGER Clemson loss. (Sorry I had to put that jab in there)

Since we went to San Fran at that time I was able to have a 2 week break in treatment. The longest break since July 4th this past year. We are hoping that my numbers can stay where they are to give me more breaks like this in the future.

We've also been getting some awesome comments & I got to read some great letters from the class of a friend of ours. She's a middle school teacher and is using the blog as an example of overcoming adversity so some of her kids have visited. Well the first day we got the best comment ever, Jenny called me to tell me about it but was laughing too hard at first. The comment said: "You're life is so sad :(" we both got a great laugh out of that one but its been really cool to read some of their essays. They are all really thoughtful & I'm glad to know that my story is helping to inspire some of them.

I also wanted to let everyone know that we are in the process of putting together another golf tournament for this year. We have a date in mind but nothing is set in stone yet, so stay tuned and for all of the information. BrightLife is in a good place right now and this year we have decided to have all of the money raised at the golf tournament go towards a study being done by my Oncologist Dr. Jeff Edenfield to help find a cure for Colon Cancer. We're really excited to be able to get to do this & hope everyone has just as much fun as they did last year. If anyone has any suggestions about things we can improve on from last year or ideas of things we can put into this year or wants to help out with everything just let us know.