Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two Years too Long

Today marks two years since Tim's death. There are no words to describe how much it still hurts to miss him and how desperate I feel to have him back. It's not an exaggeration to say that I still think of him multiple times every single day. Recently I started struggling more than usual and went back to the doctor where I was diagnosed with Severe Clinical Depression along with the ADHD, the PTSD and anxiety/sleep issues I've had already. They are working to regulate medications for me now to get the right one and the right dosage. It puts me in drastic ups where everything is numb to the point that nothing phases me, I'm never happy or excited but I also don't have the downs, I also get the drastic downs where I literally cannot get out of bed or off of my couch, where I can sleep up to 22 hours in a day and still be completely wiped of energy. The back & forth is frustrating but they are trying hard to help.

I've been trying to stay as busy as I can, Im still working for LifeHME doing medical equipment sales and I work for some friends at their bar in Augusta Rd, the 05, some nights and most weekends. In between all of that I'm currently demoing my guest bathroom down to the studs and will be having that rebuilt back up. I also was a celebrity chef for the Cancer Survivors Park event, called CHOP! Cancer and recently did my first public speaking event on their behalf. I cried my whole way though it so hopefully they understood at least a little of what was said...

Most days I'm still in a rough place as I'm still trying to process all that happened and the tremendous loss of Tim. Many times it still doesn't feel like reality and I struggle to ask for the help that I need when I need it. I've processed through a little of the grief and am doing much better than I was even a year ago but I have such a long way left to go. I can't imagine ever reaching a point that I'm at peace with it. I still have to fall asleep with the TV or some kind of music on, it's the only way to quiet my brain just enough

The dogs keep me pretty busy. I got Maddy for my 21st birthday and when Tim & I started dating almost 2 yrs later they initially despised each other. Later the two of them would be sitting on our couch and if I joined both glared at me for interrupting them. They worshipped one another and it was not unusual for me to get out of bed in the morning & come back to find my spot replaced by her (tucked in by Tim of course). Tim actually had the guts one morning to tell me that if I wanted to keep sleeping to go to the couch bc they were comfortable. He never made that particular mistake again but I was the third wheel of our marriage and he did state that if it came to a decision of which of us to save in a fire that'd he'd choose her bc I "could figure it out". Her diva behavior has not lessened over the past two years but she is getting a run for her money with our newest addition. Max is the devil incarnate most days but he's so sweet and cuddly that you can't stay mad for long. Thus far he has eaten a tree, 2 hoses, a screen door, a gate, a few blankets, an expensive pair of shoes and various other random objects and has completely dug up my backyard. He has begun to make strides in killing off the wisteria root system but I've given up on owning anything nice for awhile. But he always seems to know when I need someone and curls right up to me every time.

I'm still living day to day, sometimes hour to hour, just working to survive the grief, hopefully one day I'll overcome it. I'm lucky in the incredible number of friends & family constantly offering their support. I have 2 great sets of parents and 4 amazing siblings but best of all 5 of the sweetest nieces & nephew there Ever were. I'm still stopped by people sometimes asking if I'm Jenny Bright, Tim's wife, & they tell me how his story has been such an inspiration to them. I'm so proud to know that his work and legacy continue on as ultimately my goal has been that no one ever forgets who he was, what he did and what he went through. For if those things remain in people's memories & the stories are shared to others, he will live on forever.