Monday, April 16, 2012

Want to see something hilarious?

Tim & I have signed up to row in the Dragonboat race this Saturday. What is a Dragonboat race you ask? I have no idea, all I know is that we have to be at Portman Marina on Thursday at 6:30 for practice and 8AM Saturday morning to race. I do know that they are raising funds for cancer research which is why we decided to participate.

I also know that I'm extremely uncoordinated & incredibly unathletic. Tim may be athletic but he's a big guy and that looks to be a pretty little boat. Granted we have many other team members that will be helping us along but if you want to see a big guy in a little boat coupled with his very uncoordinated wife head on over to Portman Marina at Harwell on Saturday morning. Who knows, I may will probably fall in :)

Here is the link for more info!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Day for Registration

Just wanted to post a reminder for everyone that today is the last day to register for the dinner & silent auction for the BrightLife Tee It Up Tournament. Thank you to all that are planning on coming.

Looking forward to seeing you all there and having a successful event for iTOR. Here are the steps to register for anyone that needs them.

1. Go to
2. Click on the Register Now link at the bottom
3. Fill out the names & emails of all attending (emails are not mandatory)
4. Click on the yellow "Pay Now with PayPal" button at the bottom of the page.
5. Enter in your credit card information just as you would with any other online transaction. Paypal is completely secured so your information will be safe & will not be stored or provided to us.

If you have any questions send an email to


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CT Scan Results

Well we made it through another scan. We got the results back today from the CT Scan that I had done Monday. It showed that the cancer has not spread to any other organ in my body and there are no new spots on my lungs. However, it did show that two of the spots have gotten larger. Now as for what this means. Dr. Edenfield, Jenny and I have been discussing wanting to do a biopsy of one of the spots for a couple of months now, but they have been so small that he was afraid of causing more damage than benefit if they tried the surgery. One of the spots is just large enough that he now feels comfortable going ahead with the biopsy. This means that after allowing the Avastin to get out of my system in about 3 weeks I will be having surgery to remove one spot for biopsy. There will be another week where I will be recovering & they will do the DNA profile of the tumor then we will consult & decide what to do next for what should be about a 6 week break. This will be the longest break off of drugs since June of last year.

Jenny and I left my visit with Dr. Edenfield and were able to have a consultation with Dr. Stephenson who will be doing my surgery sometime around the first week of May. To refresh everyone's minds about the reasoning for the biopsy is that they will be able to get a profile on the nodule they remove and be able to test that against all types of drugs there are for chemo. This means that it might be a drug used for breast cancer patients works for the profile of my cancer cells. They have come such a long way even since I was first diagnosed with hopefully finding more cures being just around the corner.

To switch gears just a little bit. I want to now talk a bit about the golf tournament and silent auction coming up a week from Monday. As everyone knows we are donating all of the money that we raise to help fund research for my doctor and his studies to help find a cure for colon cancer. Well the profiling that they are going to do for my biopsy is exactly what his research is all about. I have always believed that things happen for a reason, and wanting to donate all of the proceeds to iTOR only confirms that. Great things are being done to help me and my friends that I have made at Cancer Centers of the Carolinas and I feel honored and great that I am able to help in their fight against this terrible disease. I didn't think that I would be affected this soon from the money we raise but I will be and I just want to take time to thank everyone that has signed up and is helping to fight. I am extremely humbled and honored that so many people have donated their time, money, and efforts to help me do something that I have become very passionate about. So I just wanted to say a big thank you from not only me but Jenny, my family, and hers. We would not be able to do this without the help from all of you.

As always I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend. And an early congrats to Jen and Joe on their wedding this weekend.


p.s. If you haven't signed up but you want to just go to & click on "Register Now" at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Jenny and I have just gotten back from our quick Anniversary trip to Atlanta. I just wanted to write a real short and quick update. Tomorrow we are meeting with Dr. Edenfield to get the results back from the CT Scan that I had on Monday morning. The reason for writing today is to ask for any and all prayers, good thoughts, whatever you believe in for good results tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing and we can get good results and keep moving forward. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hope all of you had a great Easter! Just wanted to compile all of the recent media stuff in one place in case you've missed it! Tim's been a busy kid as of late & is doing some fantastic work with spreading the word. We're both excited for the upcoming event & are really looking forward to it, hope everyone else is too!

Don't forget to register by April 13th for the dinner & silent auction & we've got a few more openings for hole sponsors if anyone is interested :). Registration can be found by clicking on the "Register Now" link at the bottom of Stay tuned for the Silent Auction pre-view coming later this week with a few of the items we've already received!

April 2012 - Page 31 of Fete Greenville

March 28th - Greenville News
March 21st - Greer Citizen

3/15/2012 - Tim & Dr. Edenfield on Your Carolina
3/8/2012 - UpstateBizSC features BrightLife
Brightlife to Host Second Annual Golf Tournament, Silent Auction and Dinner to Raise Money for Colon Cancer Research

MARCH 8, 2012: GREENVILLE, SC - The second annual BrightLife golf tournament, dinner and silent auction has been slated for Monday, April 23 at Greenville Country Club.  This year’s proceeds will be donated to Greenville Hospital System’s Institute for Translational Oncology Research, an organization that provides some of the most advanced cancer treatments available anywhere in the world.
After a day of golf, 100+ participants as well as members of the community who purchased tickets will come together in the club house to enjoy a hearty, Southern meal.  A silent auction will feature items ranging from sports packages and memorabilia to trips and spa packages.
BrightLife was created in 2011 to help Greenville native Tim Bright, who has been battling stage four colon cancer since 2010.
Registration information and fees are now available via
Monday, April 2
Golf is from noon to 6 p.m.
Dinner and the silent auction are from 6 to 8 p.m.
Greenville Country Club’s Riverside Course
239 Byrd Blvd.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Round 3 of the 3rd type of Chemo

I am currently in the middle of Round 3 and looking forward to getting unhooked tomorrow. Things didnt go quite as planned this week. I went and played golf with my friend Martin on Sunday and really irritated my big toe. I had my doctor visit on Monday and showed Heather and she said thtat if it got worse then I needed to show it to her on Wed. Well it got a lot worse and I know have a small staph infection on my toe. Then to top it off my CEA number is continuing to rise and I will have another CT scan on Monday morning. I will then have my bi-weekly meeting with Dr. Edenfield so see what is next. The only thing that I can say is "when it rains it pours". I will keep everyone posted as we learn more but I may be switching up what kind of chemo I'm on yet again.

I aslo wanted to mention how excited and overwhelmed that we have already fill up the golf tounament. So thank you to all that have showed up. But dont forget that if you didnt get in the golf then please come out to the dinner and silent acution because we could use a lot more and its going to be really good.