Tuesday, December 11, 2012


via xkcd

I saw this today and thought it struck a chord with how accurate some of the thoughts are. Things have actually been going pretty well, we're still holding our breath but Tim's CEA has gone done for two testing periods in a row. I've learned not to get my hopes up with this sort of thing but we're really hopeful that just maybe this course of treatment will hold for awhile and give us some respite from all of the constant changes.

Tim ended up with a staph infection on his face a few cycles ago and got placed on a special antibiotic, we noticed that the rash on his face was much less substantial during that treatment period. They've placed him back on that antibiotic with the hope that the same thing might happen again. If that is the case then they may have discovered a little breakthrough that could help a lot of people with this treatment.

Otherwise Tim's been getting his treatments regularly & hanging out with our dog, as you can see they are obsessive about one another.

I built an office in the closet under our stairs while Tim went up to Chicago for a weekend

We went to a pretty wedding in Hickory, NC

We've been trying to eat healthier while still enjoying the food

We celebrated Tim making it past his expiration date (a friend referred to it as that & its stuck with us :))

And we're all ready for Christmas! (although 1/2 of our outdoor lights will no longer light up and neither of us really feel like fixing the problem :) )

Hopefully one of us will update this before Christmas but no promises. If we don't for some reason, hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!