Monday, June 11, 2012

Starting Over Again

Jenny and I went down to Charleston at the end of last week to Charleston Oncology and Hematology Associates to talk with Dr. Geils about the new chemo regimen that I will be on.  We left Greenville Thursday morning for our appointment that afternoon and got to Orangeburg and got a call from them telling us that our appointment was changed to 9:45 the next day.  We are lucky that we just happened to pack extra cloths thinking that they might have to do tests the next day.  It all worked out well because we were able to stay with one of Jenny's sorority sisters Emily Warren and her hilarious husband David.

We got up early the next day and got a quick breakfast at Hominy Grill before heading over to the appointment.  They ran a bunch of tests and we ended up staying there for four and a half hours.  Everything came out good and I actually started my treatment that day.  My new treatment is a drug called regorafenib.  This is a pill based treatment, which is so much nicer than infusions.  I will take 4 pills each morning and the only side effects known are hand-foot syndrome, fatigue, and hypertension.  So far I have taken four days of pills and haven't seen any of these effects.  I will take three straight weeks of pills and then I will have one week off. Once the four week cycle has ended I will travel back down to Charleston and meet with the doctor to make sure that everything is still going good.

I hope that everyone has a great week.

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