Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back at it

I have officially finished my first round back on Vectibix.  It is much easier to have it alone rather than being paired with 5-FU.  The side effects haven't started yet but I have been preparing for a little over a week for them.  I wish that there was more to talk about concerning the actual chemo, but it was rather normal. I'll be on just this for awhile until we figure out if it works or not then we might add 5-FU back in as well. If it does work I'll be on this until it stops working or something new & promising comes along. We're really hoping its the second option rather than the first.

This past weekend I went down to Columbia for the USC game (yes the USC no matter what the football coach in Pickens County says) and tailgated with a few old teammates.  It was cool to be able to see David, Kevin, Brian, and Matt again.  Kevin and David won the tailgate package from the golf tournament last year so we tailgated with Rusty and the rest of the Courtyard crew.  David and I went into the game together and it was one of the loudest games that I have been to.  USC (yes again for the coach in Pickens the real USC) played one of the best games I have seen them play.

We have some of Jenny's friends coming up to stay with us this weekend for Fall For Greenville, so it will be another eventful weekend.  Carolina also plays LSU Saturday night so hopefully they can keep the unbeaten record intact.

We also were able to announce today that Goodwin-Foust is building a Brightlife/iTOR showhome which will be ready in the spring. We don't have a lot of details yet but it is going to be a in new neighborhood off of Hammett Road called Greywood at Hammett.  We are really excited and flattered that they have decided to do this as well as how amazing all of the vendors & partners have been. If you're in the market for a new house this spring, keep this one in mind, its going to be pretty incredible from everything we've heard about it so far. We will share more details as we get them.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

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