Monday, May 6, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend held a lot if firsts for us. It started with being the first time either of us (but especially me) has made vacation plans the day of. We booked an incredible weekend deal on Priceline for flights & hotel to NY and left Friday evening. We had a great time including dinner, seeing the majority of the sights that NY had to offer in a day and getting to go to dinner with my cousin and her boyfriend.

Yesterday we got to Laguardia to head home and while we were in the security line Tim started feeling really bad. The dizziness & his pain got worse until he was laying on the floor of the airport with EMS on the way. We also both rode inan ambulance for the first time yesterday as they took him to Cornell to get checked out.

We spent all day in the ER and he ended up with a diagnosis of colitis. Apparently it's just a bug he picked up somewhere and was more susceptible to coming down with it due to everything else going on. They started him on lots of antibiotics and we got a cab to a hotel near the airport last night. After a very short night's rest were back to try again and currently waiting at the gate to board in about an hour.

Tim is only allowed water until we get home so needless to say it is going to be a very long & uncomfortable day for him. We should arrive around 11 and will be checking in with Dr. Edenfield before going straight to bed.

Everyone at US Air and at Weil Cornell have gone above and beyond to make sure we feel safe and comfortable. We couldn't have had a better experience within a bad situation. We are extremely excited to get home and get Tim comfortable and feeling well again but had a great time this weekend even with all of the excitement.
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