Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Here!!!!

I am like a little kid on Christmas Eve today.  When I was younger I would stay up basically all night waiting on Christmas Day to finally get there.  Who am I kidding I still do that to this day.  Tonight (Sunday night) is going to be the same thing.  I get so excited each year for this event to come.  It is like having our Wedding Reception each year.  I get so frustrated putting it together because it is so much work to pull it all together, but we have such a good time that all the frustration is worth it. This year we have a full house with 4 of Jenny's sorority sisters, 3 of their husbands and two of their babies staying with us. We love it.

We had some amazing help this year putting it all together.  So I wanted to say another thank you to Ali Jackson, Berkley Casazza, Megan Zapf, Alan Jones, Erin Harvey and my brother Steven.  They have made all of the stress that we normally go through much much easier.  They took the bull by the horns and really helped us this year.

On the cancer side of things for me, we haven't really updated the blog since my last scan.  We found that there again has been no significant change in the tumors and the cancer has not moved back into my pelvis as we were afraid of.  That was a great thing to hear.  I was actually a little bit nervous about getting the result from this scan, but it turned out to be great news.  Unfortunately we still don't know what's causing the swelling in my leg or my shortness of breath & coughing. The plan now is for me to get a little bit of a break from chemo, so I wont have my next round until Wed. April 30.  There was a chance that I was going to change drugs but with the results of this scan being positive we are going to stay on the same regime for a while.  I will continue to get a break every 3 months just to let my body rest.  The thought is the break will give my body time to recover from being on chemo 33 out of the last 67 weeks.  Even to me that is a long damn time!

I hope to see everyone at the event tomorrow.  Hope you've had a great Easter.

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