Friday, June 17, 2016


It's been awhile since I last posted but I'm staying incredibly busy. I'm enjoying my job with LifeHME doing medical equipment sales and meeting a lot of really great people through it. It feels good to be able to help others going through some of their most difficult parts of life. My friends, Elizabeth and Heather, also opened a second bar called The 05 on Augusta St. and I've been working there most weekends. I know a vast majority of people that come in, the other employees are a lot of fun to hang out with and as exhausted as I am I love it being able to socialize all weekend. :)

I'm about to start renovations again, apparently the tiles in my guest bath were attached directly to the wall so it has completely rotted and they are falling off. Of course the tiles are 1/4" bigger than any they make now and they don't make that color anymore so the project has evolved to completely gutting and redoing that bathroom.

I also adopted a rescue dog. He's a mix of a lab and who knows what else, weights about 42 pounds and growing rapidly, thinks he's a lapdog (literally crawls into everyone's lap that he can) and is the cutest ball of about 9 months old trouble there is. Thus far he's eaten a pair of (fairly expensive & fairly new) shoes, a doormat, numerous toys of his & has attempted to eat a set of patio furniture and a wooden post outside. He LOVES Maddy though and she has gotten a bit of her spark back finally with him being around. He's a typical puppy but very well behaved other than the chewing and I think he will be pretty trainable.

Maddy is doing great, she's still her sweet and spoiled self & is having a great time directing Max and chasing him around.

Riverside Baseball recently did an amazing tribute to Tim and two other former players that passed away at a young age. It was a beautiful night in which they recognized each player and their stories along with their families, dedicated plaques to them behind home plate, put their numbers on the press box and moving forward all players will wear a patch on their sleeve saying "Tradition Never Graduates" with the guy's numbers. They also got jerseys with each of the guys' names and numbers framed for the families. So much kindness and thought was put into the evening and it was so special to be able to be a part and even more to know that Tim will be a permanent part of one of the programs that meant so much to him.

A friend and I also got all of our hair chopped off and donated it to a program similar to Locks of Love. I went super blonde at the same time so I guess you could say there has been a little change going on around here recently.

Other than all of that I've just been enjoying spending time with friends & trying to get up to my parents' place in NC every once in awhile!

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