Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Three Years

Three years ago a very terrible thing happened. I have no idea what the weather was like that day as my back was to the window and all of my focus was on the storm happening in front of me. I'm told it was a beautiful fall day, perfect blue skies, the crisp in the air showing that winter was just around the corner. I can still recall some events from that day with perfect clarity, other details have faded slightly over the years. Our families and I saw some horrific things that day but in the days, weeks, months and now years that have followed we have seen so much beauty in the compassion of others.

We were all lucky enough to experience the entity that was Tim in every facet, the good and the bad, and we were lucky enough to be able to be with him in his final moments, as hard as they were. His family will always be mine and seeing little bits of him within each of them is always heartwarming, but especially seeing the mischievous look Harlan gets as he's considering his next move, how much Lillian cares for others and her concern for their feelings and Stella's tenacity & joy for life is like seeing bits of Tim (plus Harlan has his ears & his love for Carolina).

Enjoy today, whatever the weather may be. Think of him, maybe tell his story to someone else in the hope of preventing another family from going through such a loss, because as long as his memory is alive, so is he. 

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