Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chemo Round #4

So I decided to give Tim a little break as he is so exhausted from the events over the past week.

His last chemo treatment went pretty smoothly, he even went and hit a few balls with Steven on Friday after work and getting unhooked. By Saturday Tim was feeling a little rough but rested all day and we went over to Jay & Carolyn's engagement party that night. Sunday we laid around and got ready for our last few days at work before the wedding.

Tim worked on Monday and Tuesday before heading down to Augusta to watch Bill play a practice round at the Masters. We ran errands on Thursday and had dinner at Tim's parents house with all of his family members that had already arrived and my family.

Friday, Tim rode around with his brother, dad, cousins and uncles while they played some golf. He even managed to get in about 4 holes himself. He came back to the house and quickly got ready for the rehearsal dinner before picking me up to meet some of the guys to get their tuxes. We went straight from there to the rehearsal where we were entertained by our flowergirls. Hannah and Emma's placecards were in front of the groomsmen and because they knew they were supposed to be standing on their nametags, they picked them up and moved them in front of the bridesmaids instead. They also informed the wedding director that they "might have to play" when she told them that they would need to stand really still during the ceremony.

After the rehearsal we went over to the rehearsal dinner at the Lazy Goat which was absolutely incredible. We had a great turnout, the food was amazing and the story Steven shared about Tim was priceless. We went out for a little bit to Mojito's and Connelly's before Tim dropped me off with my parents and headed with Kip over to his for the night.

Saturday we both got up and got ready for the big day. We had such an incredible turnout at the wedding and were entertained throughout the ceremony by the flowergirls again. They were incredibly cute and even gave Tim a scare by taking so long to get down the aisle that he didn't think I was coming. The only time Tim didn't really feel well was after the ceremony and pictures but he perked right up once we got to the reception hall where our amazing wedding planners met him outside with cheese and crackers and a glass of wine for me.

We had a fun time at the reception and carried it later into the night by meeting everyone out at Connelly's and even making it to the Fiddler before heading to Waffle House, dropping Steven at his house and finally getting into our hotel room around 5 in the morning. We woke up the next morning to some cheez-its and a glow stick thanks to some very thoughtful friends of mine who were afraid that we "might get hungry and would need a light to find our way to the food." Kristen, Lindsey and Jen came by to check out their work from the night before and Kip and Ryan stopped by to drop off Kip's tux and sample some of the wedding food we were sent home with.

Tim and I got up and headed over to his parents to drop off the tuxes we had before going by my parents to drop off my dress and finally we came home to pack before heading up to Highlands to stay at the Old Edwards Inn for our "mini-moon". The 2 hour drive up the windy mountain roads was not fun without Dramamine but it was all worth it.

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa was such an incredible place and our room was really nice. I think Tim's favorite part (and pretty high up there for me too) was that they had a freezer completely full of Dove Ice Cream bars that were available 24/7. We had some great meals, had fun shopping and both really wish we didn't have to leave yesterday!

Today we had to be at the Cancer Center at 8 for all of Tim's testing, doctor's appointment and infusions. A stitch had been poking out for about 2 weeks so they decided to cut it out today, hopefully that will be the last one for him. His levels have dipped a little but that is to be expected with all of the activity over the last week so Tim is working on relaxing and getting himself rested back up.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support, we're excited to finally be official and are working on settling into our house together.  Tim will be back soon for your entertainment pleasure!

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