Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chemo Round #3

Well I am back for another update.  I said last time that I wasn't going to wait a whole week to write another update but that is exactly what I did.  I am not going to go all the way back a week because to be honest my life really isn't that much fun.

Ill start with Friday.  John and Christy Groome and Ryan and Casey Earl threw us a great "Entertainment Shower" on Friday night.  We had a really good time and it was good to see people that Jenny and I haven't seen in a while.  The food was absolutely amazing.  I still can't get over how good the "dirt cake" was.  I think that I could have eaten the whole bowl.  I would have been incredibly sick but I would have been happy being sick from that.

Andi and Aaron came into town on Friday afternoon and their gift to us for the shower was a turkey fryer.  Now I have been wanting one of these for a while now and I finally have one.  Jenny thinks that I will burn down the house and honestly I don't blame her for thinking that about me.  So, thankfully Aaron was in town and he has fried his fair share of turkeys and we fried a 12 lb turkey Saturday afternoon.  Soup came by that afternoon when the turkey was finishing up and then Kip got here about an hour after that.  The turkey was so good.  Over half of the turkey was gone after about an hour of us picking on it.

That night was my mini bachelor party.  We had 16 guys meet at Rick Erwin's downtown for dinner and then off to my folks house to chill, play a little poker, and watch the fight.  We met at the restaurant at 7:00 and it was really good.  We left and got back to my parents house by about 9:45 just before the fight started.  We had a good time and it was very laid back just like I wanted it to be.

On Monday I went into the Cancer Center and got my blood work done and met with the Doctor.  All of my counts were really good and still up to great levels.  Over the weekend I had a really sharp pain near my incision on my stomach.  I had the doctor look at it and she said it is just scar tissue and nerves building back.  This was a great relief because now its like Rodney Carrington says "if I stump my toe I think I got cancer" well I have that, but you get my point.  I did receive some great news that day as well.  I asked if I could start playing golf again and she said that I could.

Tuesday when I got to work the first call I made was to my surgeon to see what he thinks about this golf idea.  I left a message for his secretary and she called back about an hour later and said that I am cleared to play but if it hurts just stop.  I haven't played since late Jan. and yesterday after work Steven and I went up to Thornblade and hit a couple of balls at the range and there was no pain.  Just the pain that I don't hit it nearly as far as I used to.  But that will come with time.

Chemo started today and I felt pretty good.  I was there at 9:00 but it took much longer today than it usually does.  I left there and went to grab a little bit to eat and then headed over to work for a little bit.  By about 2:00 I couldn't keep my eyes open from the medicine I took at 1:00.  So I left and got home close to 3:00 and before I knew it 7:00 had crept up on me.

 Hopefully this round will go by fast and without too many problems.  I am ready for this week to get finished so I can get ready for next weekend with our wedding and "mini-moon" to Old Edwards Inn and Spa.  Like always I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  My love to all.

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