Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chemo Round #9

Well it is Tuesday night and I am sitting here updating the page while I watch my Gamecocks try to win the National Championship.  I am on the eve of my 9th round of treatment and I am just ready for all of this to be over and in the past.

My 16U team played in Knoxville this past weekend and we went 3-1 over the weekend.  The team played pretty good but we should have been 4-0.  This weekend's tournament is in Columbia where there is also the USC Baseball Alumni game against the Blowfish Saturday night. 

Other than that everything has been pretty boring around here, just work and baseball. Oh and Jenny's so-called "good knee" decided to go bad so she is doing physical therapy now and if that doesnt work will be having surgery later this year. At least we will get a good tax return back next year with all of these medical bills.

Like I said earlier this will be my 9th round of treatment and so far I have been very lucky not to experience too many of the side affects that come with Chemo.  Last week I had to get a new kind of nausea medicine because the two I have aren't working anymore. Obviously that made for a pretty rough few days last time. The new medicine worked really well and luckily this time I'll have it from the beginning.

Some of the Krapfels came up for lunch today, it was good to spend some time with my Aunt Seg, Kim, Katherine & John. Katherine & John are really growing up quickly. Mrs. Derrick and Clark brought Jenny & I dinner tonight and it was an awesome meal, it will be nice to start this thing with so much good food in my system.

Today they took some extra blood so I will be getting my 2nd CEA test results back tomorrow. Hopefully the number is continuing to shrink which means all of this is working and the cancer is going away. Basically that means that what I'm going through right now actually will mean something.

I want to thank everyone again for all of the prayers and thoughts that have been directed towards me.  Please keep Jenny's grandfather in those prayers as well as he was admitted to the hospital today for blood clots in his lungs. They think it should be a pretty standard treatment and he is a tough old guy so everything should be fine. Thanks again and I hope that everyone has a good week.
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