Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chemo Round #8

I am sorry that I havent updated this page in a LONG time but I am back to give just a little update on how things are going. 

I am coaching a 16U baseball team this summer with guys from all over the upstate.  We had our first tournament last weekend at Coastal Carolina, which I was not able to go to because of the length of the drive and because it was on a chemo week.  But I was out at the field this weekend for all 4 games up at Western Carolina.  It felt so good to get back out on the field and coach again.  We had a great weekend going 4-0.  It is always a good feeling to win but when you have a group of guys like we have it makes it even better. 

Jenny was down at Kiawah Island for Emily's bachelorette party.  She had a great time getting to see her friends again.  I told her last night not to call me because I had a long day at the field but to let me know that she got home ok, so I recieved my text message at 2:45 am letting me know she was back.  And yes I slept through the beeping to find the text the next morning. 

Now to the boring stuff.  The treatments are going good and every other week just means that I am one week closer to beating this.  This Wednesday I will have treatment number 8 and when I get unhooked on Friday I will only have 4 treatments left.  My college drinking days have finally caught up with me as a couple of weeks ago I had to skip a treatment due to my liver counts being a little too high.  But those numbers are back to being normal and all of my other counts are right on par as well.

If anyone wants to see some pictures of the wedding you can find those at

I hope everyone has a good week.

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