Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chemo Round #11

I am back for another round to Caringbridge.  I have just started my 11th treatment today and only have one more go to.  I can see the end in sight but it will still feel like forever to me.  I wasn't able to get the oxaliplatin last week or again today b/c there is still some numbness in my toes and fingers.  It makes the treatments just a little easier to bare. At least I don't have the sensitivity to cold so I don't have to drink lukewarm everything. The doctors said that if I was to miss one drug that would be the one to miss.  I will feel better this week and I will get over this treatment a little faster than normal just because I don't have that drug in me. 

Baseball has ended for my team but will get started back before it know it in the fall.  I am going to help out there as much as I can b/c I have already made my plans for the USC games.  I can't beleive that college football is about to start again.  It might be my favorite time of the year. 

I will finish with all of my treatments Aug. 13th, turn 28 (yes I'm almost 30, Jenny reminds me all the time) on the 14th and then I will have to have another Colonoscopy on Aug. 30.  Sometime in the next two months I should also have my port taken out. They've said it will be an office procedure where they just numb it up and pull it out but thats not going to work for me. I need something so I won't remember anything. So, it really is getting closer to the end. 

Our little neice is getting so big and is so cute and it wish that I could paste a picture into this just so everone could see.

I hope that everyone is doing well and thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers. Please keep one of Jenny's co-workers in your prayers as well.  She is about my age and has breast cancer and has just started radiation. We should finish up everything at the same time and the four of us plan to have a nice dinner out to celebrate after everything is over.
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