Friday, March 25, 2011

Round 6 Done, Chemo - 2, Tim - 3, Tie - 1

Well I have finished round 6 and we are halfway finished with this round of treatments, well at least of the scheduled part. I was put back on Vectibix for this round. I thought that I was going to get away with the rash not coming back too bad but the past 2 days it has come back but not nearly as bad as the first time (knock on wood).

I did get some good news again this past Wed while getting my treatment and that is I will be receiving a dozen of the doughnuts from Abbeville this coming wed. We have found the location but were told we can have a dozen delivered to us as long as we let them know by Tuesday so I will be making a call.

In other news, we also found out that my CEA is now at 3.1 which is the lowest its ever been. Jenny and I are both excited about the news but I guess we're just waiting for the bad news because it always seems to come at some point.

The Brightlife crew has informed us that the golf tounament has filled up and that people are still signing up for the dinner and silent auction. Seems like things are really coming together. I am getting really excited for that monday to hurry and get here so I can see everyone again. It should be a really fun week since I don't have chemo and Jenny's & I's 1st anniversary is the Sunday after the golf tournament.

It has been a quiet week for Jenny and I with not too much happening. I played 12 holes with my dad and brother on Sunday which is the earliest I have ever been able to play golf after a treatment. I paid for it a little later that afternoon but I was good come Monday. She has been building a bench for the end of our bed so her dad and I got suckered into helping a little with that the other night.

I left late yesterday afternoon to take a short man-cation with Jenny's dad, his brother Robert, Ken, Lee, and my friend Ern. We were lucky enough for my co-worker Laurens to let us use his house this weekend down at Fripp to do a little fishing. It has been a long 12 weeks so far with treatments so this short weekend down here will be extremely relaxing and just a little of what I really need, a vacation from everything.

I am hoping that next week's treatment will be pretty smooth like last week's so I will be able to have a good Monday at the tournament. I hope that everyone has a great week this week and look forward to seeing people on April 4th.
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