Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Number.....Too Many To Count

I have lost track now of how many treatments I have gone through. (HaHa) This past week's treatment was much easier than the past 2 that I have been through. I still haven't found the trick as to why some are easier than others. The weekend before this past treatment I went with Steven to Crossville, TN. to play in a little golf tournament with some of his friends from Vandy. We were on Team Green and got smoked by Team Red. It was a lot of fun and I met some really cool guys.

Finally college football season has started again. Carolina didnt look too hot in the 1st quarter, and I actually remember telling Jenny that if Carolina lost that I wouldn't go or watch any more Carolina games the rest of the year. (That wouldnt have lasted too long) Thankfully they turned things around and played decently the rest of the game. Michael came over for the 2nd quarter and then we ended up at he and Megan's house for the 2nd half.

Sunday night we went over to Michael and Megan's house for dinner along with Jason and Jessica Palmer. Chef Michael made his lamb burgers again and they were just as good as the first time that he made them. Jason and Jessica brought their cute daughter Emery over to play with Michael & Megan's son Eli and it was a lot of fun to watch those two play together. (Kids are still a ways off for this guy)

On Monday we went over to Jenny's grandma's house with her family and some of her grandma's friends for lunch. She had Bucky's BBQ catered in for lunch and it hit the spot. Jenny then went with her cousin Jessica shopping the rest of the afternoon and I just laid around the house for a bit before I went over to my parents for our Fantasy Football draft. I picked up Cutler and he is going to lead "The Boyband Stalkers" to the promised land this year.

I have my colonoscopy (or technically sigmoidoscopy or something like that) tomorrow morning. Hope everyone else has started to sign up for their check-ups.

I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day and great rest of the week.

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