Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Addition

Before I even start to talk about myself and my treatments this past week I want to congratulate my brother and Haley for the newest Bright that was brought into this world. Mr. Harlan Thomas Bright was born two Saturdays ago and I might be bias but he extremely cute and Miss Lillian is very sweet to him.

Now on to me, treatment two weeks ago was pretty easy but I still felt pretty run down on Friday night.  Over the past couple of treatments I have found that I am now able to eat toast those days.  This makes the treatments much more manageable for me, I think that it is the fact that I am not letting my stomach get empty and as much as it pains me to say this, Jenny was right. This week's treatment has started out well as I received good news today when I found out that my CEA has dropped from 7.1 to 4.9.  I am hoping to get it back down below the 3's and that if I do Dr. Edenfield will give me a little bit of extra time between treatments.

We were also told that at some point I'll need to have a lung biopsy performed which is pretty scary because that will require a two night stay in the hospital and a chest-tube. It's actually a pretty standard procedure, it just makes me a little nervous because of everything involved with it. Luckily that is still awhile away.

This past weekend Jenny and I went down to Columbia for the USC vs. Vandy football game. I went down early in the morning to play golf with a family friend, Brad at Columbia Country Club in their Saturday dog-fight. We did not win but had a really good time playing. After the golf was over I went back to the hotel got a quick shower and headed right out the door for the football game. Mom and Dad's good friend Rusty got us a parking pass with him over at Carolina Walk and had a great time hanging out there with them. We then went and saw Matt and Charlotte over at Charlotte's parents condo right there at the stadium. It was good to get back down to Columbia for a game (even though we didnt play well).

Other than what is listed above we've been pretty boring, just getting good use out of the DVR Jenny's Dad made for us and doing the work thing. Jenny has come up with what she is calling a "brilliant" plan for our Christmas cards so I'm sure that will involve me at some point, I never know what she will think of next.

I hope that everyone has a good rest of the week.
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