Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Number 32

Let me first start this blog off by saying sorry that I havent written anything in a while. Things have been pretty quiet around my household so there really hasnt been much to talk about. But I am here currently at the Cancer Center getting a treatment and got a bit of good news here today so I thought that I would pass it along. My CEA has been dropping over the past 6 - 7 treatments and we found out today that it has gone from 4 to 3.4. Which means that I am almost normal again. We still have a ways to go but it was nice to hear such a big drop when I got here today.

This past weekend Steven got invited to play Sage Valley on Saturday and was able to take a guest with him. I was the lucky guest that got to go. This was my second trip down there and it was just as much fun as the first. It is such a great golf course and it is really fun to play with a caddy. I didnt put the ball very well but it was still a great trip. We stayed overnight Saturday after the golf in one of the cottages that they have on site and it was really nice. We were able to watch Carolina lose and then watch the Bama vs LSU game also. We got to meet some great people and had a lot of fun.

I am hopefully going to finish this treatment with ease and then will be able to head down to Columbia to watch USC vs Florida on Saturday. I hope that everyone has a great week.
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