Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Been A Long Week

We got Tim's results on Tuesday and as Dr. Edenfield said, "it wasn't the homerun we wanted but a good double."

Basically the testing confirmed some of the drugs that have worked previously as well as confirmation about some that haven't worked but most importantly it gave us a new drug called Regorafenib to try.

It's currently in Phase 3 trials & hasn't been approved by the FDA but has seen really great results so far so were really hopeful for Tim to get some good results.

We're now waiting on finding out details of what comes next but we do know that the trial is based in Charleston so although well have a little traveling it won't be too bad.

This morning Tim had a CT scan, we're still working through the details but 100ccs (about 1/2 a cup) of fluid & dye were injected directly into his arm instead of his vein. His arm got really swollen (over 3 inches bigger than the other) & although he was icing it & keeping it elevated about 6 hours later the swelling was continuing & spreading.

We went up to the Cancer Center so Lynn could check it out and were told he needed to go to the ER & they started calling plastic surgeons for the fear he had something called compartment syndrome which can only be fixed by cutting the arm open & leaving it that way for a few days to drain then putting it back together with skin grafts. Needless to say, we got pretty nervous but luckily Lynn was calling into the plastic surgeon so we could skip the ER & meet with him directly. He mentioned that until Tim began having nerve issues or problems moving his joints that we could just go home. Luckily his swelling has reduced about a 1/4" so far and no issues no far with pain or nerve issues so were hoping he may be out of the woods now thanks to the incredible care by Lynn, Tammy, Rose & the rest of the te at the Cancer Center!

We're hoping that today's excitement means that everything else should go pretty smoothly with this new treatment plan, should know more in the next week or two.

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