Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Golf Tournament and Whats Next

I guess last time we wrote on here was to talk about the Dragon Boat Race. We had a great time and won both of our heats by a long shot but barely missed the cut for the finals. Hopefully its something we can do again next year.

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone for their help and support with the golf tournament.  We all had a great time and helped me raise money for something that I am very passionate about.  We are still waiting to pay a couple of expenses and then we will have the final number to post.  I am hoping that we will exceed our goal for this year. 

For those that werent able to make it out to Greenville Country Club last Monday you missed a great time and I will take just a few minutes to talk a little bit about it.  We had 37 teams that played and there were a few holes that got backed up but that is to be expected when you have that many teams.  At dinner we exceeded the 400 person count.  Dr. Edenfield and Jim Kaltenbach did a great job explaining where the money that we raised was going to.  I didnt think that I would be a part of Dr. Edenfield's study this soon but I am and I am extremely happy that people are helping out.

Like I said I am already going into Dr. Edenfield's study and that is taking place on Thursday.  I will be heading over to Greenville Memorial at 5:30 am for my 8:00 surgery.  Dr. James Stephenson is going to be the doctor taking the biopsy.  I dont know how long the surgery will last but they are going in and taking a small sample of one of the spots on my lung and I'll be in the hospital until at least Saturday, possibly Sunday.  It's a pretty straight forward surgery but because its on my lung I'll have to have a chest tube for a few days. They will then take that sample and test it against every type of chemo out there to see which best fits me.  This process will take about 2 weeks to complete before I get the results back. We will go up to Chapel Hill to meet with my other oncologist Dr. Bert O'Neill after the results are back and should know what we're going to do next within about 3 weeks.

If you think about it please send prayers & good thoughts our way over the next few days for a smooth surgery & recovery & again over the next few weeks. We're really hoping that this might be what we need to get rid of this thing once & for all.

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