Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Tiny Bit of More Information

Not much has changed since my last post, we do know that Tim's appointment in Chapel Hill is at 4:00 on Thursday so we will head that way Thursday morning and plan to stay until Friday just in case there is something available up there that they need him to do more testing for. Otherwise there really is no change in anything.

We do feel so grateful for all of the support we have received from you all, your friends, family members, co-workers, blog followers and acquaintances. The sheer number of people that have viewed Tim's blog over the last few days is humbling to say the least. It means so much to us that people care enough to share his story with others who are all coming together to root for him. He is my entire world so knowing that so many people are praying for him really helps me to push through each day.

As for us we've been on the same routine as usual, last week our dog had some surgery to remove a bump on her ribs so we've been busy taking care of her, going to the game in Columbia, spending some much needed time with great friends and just working to keep our daily routines in order to keep life as normal as possible while we wait to find out what will come next. The only difference for me being that I cringe every time he coughs knowing now that its likely being caused by the new lymph node lighting up in his chest. I'm so anxious for that to begin to fade as to me it will mean whatever the new treatment is will be doing its job. Tim is still as happy and positive as he always is which is so inspiring for me to watch, we may differ on our opinions as to the latest results but we're both committed to watching him beat this disease.

We also really appreciate all of the tremendous offers for help but honestly I couldn't think of anything tangible that we need if I tried, but everyone is so generous to offer. We still need lots of prayers for the right medicine for Tim, whatever it may be, and please continue to pass along his blog and his story to others you may know. More than anything I want him to be the exception to the rule of the statistics over the next few years. My opinion is that the more people who know his story, the more can pray for him which is never a bad thing.
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