Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Over

I can finally sit back and relax, because the first round is finally over.  That was by far the toughest round of chemo that I have ever been on.  I guess that I did myself no favors by not eating a small breakfast before leaving for chemo Wed. morning.  I had a bagel about an hour into treatment and had another bagel when I got to my house, but that was about it for solid food for me.  Over the two days I had a combo of apple sauce, vanilla pudding, and smoothies.  Usually in the past I have been able to eat a little bit but I think the shock of getting back into this was just a bit too much for me to handle.

This morning I woke and Jenny took me over to the cancer center where I received an entire bag of fluids along with another anti-nausea medicine.  I got home and took a small nap, and then before I knew it Steven, Haley, Lillian, and Harlan stopped by.  I tried to eat a slice of pizza and it went down pretty easy and from then on I have felt halfway decent.  Jenny was harping on me over the two days that I needed to eat something solid or I wouldn't feel well.  (I guess every blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes)  I was planning on taking a short ride tomorrow with Jenny to see our beautiful cousin Emma win the Rambler Pageant in Lancaster, but we have decided that after these past two days I should just chill out a bit. I'm scheduled to get more fluids and meds at the hospital tomorrow and Sunday but we'll see how I feel if that happens.

I hope that everyone has a great week.  And I really appreciate everyone that texted, emailed, sent a card or called this past week.

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