Thursday, February 21, 2013

We're Just Going to Call This Week a Disaster

Last night was pretty rough, I thought that I had finally gotten Tim drugged up enough to sleep but that lasted only about 30 minutes before he was up and getting sick. He's been nauseous before during treatment but has only thrown up during treatment twice, both times being when he got a little too aggressive with his tooth brushing. This time he got sick, a few times, and it actually had nothing to do with brushing his teeth. Neither of us got too much sleep last night.

Today he hasn't gotten sick and has actually been able to sleep a decent amount (which has given me the time to get work done) but he also is still really nauseous and isn't eating anything solid. So far he has been subsiding on applesauce, smoothies I make, Gatorade and apple juice. The plan is to make it through tonight & get him to the cancer center tomorrow for some IV nausea meds and some fluids and hopefully start feeling a lot better.

Ultimately these past few days have been a big disaster, between the chemo going bad, Tim catching a cold that coincided with the chemo, my car having some big issues (which are getting straightened back out), the construction starting today on the lot next to us (literally the grading began 30 minutes after Tim finally fell asleep), the construction work next door cutting our internet line (we are excited to have neighbors finally, this all just began at the wrong time) and when I went for my acupuncture today I thought I broke the table (luckily it was just a panel for pregnant women's bellys to fit on the table that was loose). I'm beyond ready to call it a week and just start over fresh next week.

There have been a few bright spots, our parents have been a huge help to us over the past two days and we've received so many kind messages via facebook, text and email that have kept us going. We've also received an influx of the nicest cards from members of our Sunday School class over the past two days. Some neighbors have generously stopped by to keep an eye on Tim while I've run out to get new scripts for him and to take a short break and pick up some lunch to-go from Upcountry Provisions, one of my favorite TR restaurants. My cousin Miller also came and sat with Tim today which allowed me to go to my much needed acupuncture. My acupuncturist, Katherine, helped me out by giving me some ideas to get Tim decongested without adding even more drugs to the mix so we've got a humidifier that will now be his best friend for the next few days filled with a mix of water and eucalyptus oil, it seems to be helping out a bit already in the short time it has been running.

We are literally counting down the hours that remain until Tim is finally finished with this round of treatment, we're already planning to just forget about this and start over fresh in two weeks. Thanks to all of you for following along and even more for all of your support!

Jenny (& Tim through his drug-induced haze)
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