Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am finally writing again

I know that I have not been "Johnny on the Spot" with this blog lately, so I am going to try to get better at that.  I didn't read the last post I wrote so I will just hope that I dont overlap anything.  The drug regime that I am currently on is Zaltrap with Folfiri.  As I sit in the cancer center now I believe this is around my 7th time getting this combo so far.  It started off very scary for us because my tumor marker continued to rise and an alarming pace.  We did a CT after 3 treatments I believe and found significant overall improvements and then later that week we ran my tumor marker again and it had dropped by a large amount.  Then when we ran it again a month later it dropped significantly again.  We ran it again 2 weeks ago and had another drop.  It was not nearly as big as the other two but at least it is still going in the right direction.  This is great news that we were correct a while ago when switching from the Vectibix over to this combo.

On a fun side of life I am about to finish my coaching stint of the summer.  I will be doing this while Jenny is down at Fripp Island with all of her family.  I was thinking about making a trip down there after my tournament, but I have learned my lesson here lately about over-doing things.  So, I will gladly take a week to myself at home.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending our good friends Ryan and Natalie's wedding in Charlotte.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception afterwards was a great time.  I also had two baseball games to coach that day and on Monday I was supposed to get my latest round of chemo but instead had a fever of 102.3 at its highest and had to push it off to today.  This is where I get back to the over doing it piece.  I have heard numerous people now tell me I need to relax a bit more but I really dont know how to do that.

I hope that everyone has a great week.

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