Monday, December 20, 2010

Back From Chapel Hill

I apologize for the delay in posting, we've been working on moving this stuff over here. Blogger is much more user friendly for us and gives us more mobility in posting without a computer if we need to, plus being able to add pictures & video is always a bonus. Please let me know if you have any issues with it!

First of all I need to establish that it was my mom (Cindy) who went to the ER last Tuesday rather than Tim's. Apparently there was some confusion about that :). She's doing just fine and is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery to fix her abdominal hernia on Wednesday afternoon.

UNC-Chapel Hill is a gorgeous place, we headed up that way on Wednesday and saw lots of salt trucks preparing the roads for the snow that was supposed to come later in the night. Some of the Bright's family friends, the Krapfels, were actually also up in the same area on Wednesday night and agreed to meet us for dinner. Two of my friends, Emily and Megan, also joined us at Outback in Durham. During the dinner we came to the realization that Emily was in the same sorority at NC State at the Krapfels daughter, Sarah. In another crazy turn of events, we ran into Andy Mendelson and Joe Erwin from the company I work for, Erwin-Penland Advertising. It was great to see everyone and reminded us of just how small the world is sometimes.

We met with Dr. Bert O'Neill who is such a great guy, we've really been lucky to have such great doctors for Tim who also have incredible bedside manner. He pretty much confirmed all of Dr. Edenfield's directives and told Tim he could start chemo after the first of the year. Tim gave Dr. Edenfield a call on our way back to Greenville and they both agreed that he would start chemo again on January 5.

This chemo is called FOLFIRI and will be paired with something called Erbitux which will hopefully help to keep the new nodes in Tim's lungs at bay for awhile. At this point we are looking to buy time as they continue to research more treatments for cancer which seems to move forward so quickly.

Eventually we will possibly be looking at traveling to other hospitals and venues but for now we get to stay put here in Greenville for Tim to receive treatments which we are incredibly grateful for.

We have been so incredibly humbled and I can't emphasize enough just how appreciative we are of the incredible support that has been given to us through this difficult time. People seem to have come out of the woodworks to show that they care and we are speechless (which if you know either of us, you know that is a rare occasion). Thank you so much for all you've done, unless anything changes we may wait a bit to post anything else with the crazy week of holidays approaching. We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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