Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Chapel Hill

We've had quite a busy few weeks between appointments, work and getting ready for Christmas. Oh and last night my mom got to make her own special trip to the ER for an abdominal hernia. Everything with her is fine now and they will be scheduling surgery over the next few weeks to repair the hernia, if it doesn't repair itself in the meantime. I've told her that in the future she doesn't need to go to such an extreme for attention when all she has to do is ask (I don't think she thought that was as funny as I did). We're all just thankful that all is well and she is thankful for the pain medication. :)

I also wanted to make sure I gave everyone a quick update as to what is going on before we head up to Chapel Hill this afternoon. We met again with Dr. Edenfield a little over a week ago just to get him to re-review everything he originally told us and to answer a few questions of ours. During that meeting he mentioned that his plan, as of right now, is to start Tim on the other existing colon cancer chemo protocol either the week of Christmas or the week after. It is our understanding that he must try everything they have that has already proven to have successful results before we start messing around with clinical trials that don't have that same track record behind them.

That being said, this could all change with our meeting in Chapel Hill tomorrow. We're hoping that we can get more answers and have a plan in place by this weekend.

Thank you all for the incredible outpouring of love and support you have provided over these last few weeks. We really feel so special to have so many wonderful people reaching out to us during this time. We will update again as soon as we have some new information!
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