Friday, April 15, 2011

Prep for Round 8

We're running behind on our posts but I thought I'd at least post the pictures from our anniversary trip. It was a MUCH needed vacation for us as its been a long 15 weeks of treatment and an even longer year and a half for the both of us. The wedding checks from last year were put to excellent use as you will be able to see! :)

So here is the recap, 4 parks in 2 days and an all-nighter Sunday night (we went from Magic Kingdom, grabbed a quick shower and went straight to the airport) showed us just how old we really are now. We're still recovering from all of the activity!

Day 1 was Hollywood Studios with Tim's friend Monica, Epcot and we finished out the day at Magic Kingdom. Day 2 was Animal Kingdom and back to Magic Kingdom. We finished just about every ride within all of the parks (except the ones that spin) and even managed to ride a few more than once. Everything was absolutely fantastic (well except for the dinner the night of our actual anniversary which was actually pretty terrible but that's ok :)) and it was really hard to drag ourselves back to reality this week.

Waiting for the Magical Express to drop us at our hotel!

 Dumbo - aka the only ride that Tim was scared of :)

 *disclaimer - I'm not a fan of the blue suede purse but I didn't plan well so when packing it was that or the Myrtle Beach fanny pack...I took the lesser of the 2 evils...although I still want fanny packs to come back in

 Tim playing in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground set.

 Tim & I as our future selves...still not sure what happened to his face.

 Epcot at night

 In honor of Tee it Up for Tim.

Tim made a new friend at Animal Kingdom and is thrilled about it.

We will be back soon with additional updates and pictures from the golf tournament as soon as we catch back up with life!
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