Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Happy Things In Life

After this past week's "Debbie Downer" post I felt like it was a good time to reflect on some of the great things that I have in my life. I feel like the last blog post was sad and that my life isn't always great which isn't necessarily true. I don't if I have been able to thank all of the people that have been so wonderful in Jenny and I's life. This disease hasn't been the worst thing to happen to me it has been the best and it is all to the people I wanted to thank below.

It first starts the girl that I married last April 10. I couldn't have picked a better thing to do with my life, and a better person to enjoy the rest of my life with. Jenny has been my rock throughout this process. She has had her bad days but that is expected for a person in her shoes. She has to sit and watch some crazy things that happen or have happened to her husband. And to find out this news about her fiance as we are 3 months before out wedding had to completely shock her and have her ask "Why Me?" but she never did and hasn't to this day. She has been tough and told me things that I don't want to hear and don't always agree with, but she has been by my side the whole time. I am truly blessed that she choose to put up with my stubborn self for the rest of her life and that she really did take the "in sickness" part of our vows so seriously. She keeps her smile on her face and I love her more and more everyday.

I feel that I have the best parents on this planet. They have been there for most of the good and bad times since last Feb. It is a hard thing to see your parents cry over something that is happening to you. I hear all the time that they wish they could do more. But little do they know they have don't everything they possibly can and to that I am thankful and couldn't love them more. They have been so caring and helpful to Jenny and I, and I don't know how I will ever repay them. I love you both very much.

Last May my brother and his wife Haley brought a beautiful young girl into this world. She immediately took away the attention from everything going on with me and put it on her. This has made the past year so much easier for me. And I don't blame anyone, she is much cutier than I could ever be. To have a brother like I do doesn't happen very often. He doesn't like to talk directly with me about what goes on but is in constant contact with Jenny and my parents. We have been best friends since he was born in 1984. He knows me inside and out and how to keep my mind of what is going on and does a good job of it. And to Haley I am so happy to have you be one of my sisters and I am amazed you are able to put up with Steven. Kudos to you.

The "Clanton Clan". I can remember the Friday at the hospital when we found out it was Stage III and the next day the Clantons came right up to the hospital to be with Jenny even though she kept saying she didn't need anything. They have such great family morals and I am very blessed to be apart of the "Clan". There have been times that have been pretty rough on Jenny and I and they are always right there when we need them. My brother and sister-in-law, even though they live in Columbia, constantly show their compassion and support for Jenny and I. I guess that I am saying how lucky I am to have married in to such a loving, close-nit, and compassionate family. I love the whole "Clan" dearly.

I also want to thank the rest of our families. They might not be able to to make it to every event or know absolutely everything that goes on but they try their best and have been extemely supportive to Jenny and I. They all keep in constant contact with us and have all offered to step in whenever we may need them. That includes our little pup Maddy who is always willing to distract me from whats going on in my life by just being so cute.

The Brightlife crew. When I first heard the idea I was skeptical that the idea would take off in any way or fashion, not that I thought they couldn't do it, I just didn't think there would be the interest. What this group of people has been able to do in a 5 month period is breath-taking. The help and time that these people have put into 3 different and amazing events is simply humbiling. Originally I was not really close with some of the people that are associated with this group but they treated me as a best friend and couldn't be happier to help Jenny and myself, and that can't show more of what type of people you all are. All of these people are so incredibly selfless and I couldn't be more appreciative. So thank you thank you thank you for everything that y'all have done.

Bent.....I mean Lee and Associates. The group of people that I get the chance to go to work with every day is the best group I could ask for. Even though there are a few Tigers and a Bulldog in the group they are great people. For them to understand my situation and work their schedules around mine has been such a blessing and shows the type of loyalty we have within our company. And to single 2 people out is not fair but it's my blog and I will do what I please. First to Richard: the advice and the encouragement I recieve everyday from my "office mate" and "life coach" has been a blessing to me. He has been around the block and has tons of knowledge not only about work but about life situations has helped me immensley. So Thank You. Second but not last is to Randall. I can remember walking into his room after my first Colonoscopy back in Jan. 2010 and breaking down telling him the news. He has become a great friend and mentor to me for the past few years and the look in his eyes that day made me feel like a second son to him and that has gone a long way for the respect that I have for him. They could have let me go for knowing what the road ahead of my entails but they didn't and has stuck by me throughout the process. They have all gone above and beyond and this just shows why we have such a close group and Lee. I love everyone there and I am very lucky to be able to work with y'all each day.

Jenny's company EP has done some amazing things for not only Jenny and I but for Brightlife as well. They have taken the whole Brightlife idea and just ran with it. They have put together 2 great fundraisers and I couldn't thank them more for that. They have been extremely generous to let Jenny stay at home to work with me during my 3 days of treatment. It has made the whole chemo process so much easier on both of us. Jenny's team is always willing to step in whenever she has to be away for stuff with me, even when its been a last minute thing. The HR & IT departments have made the whole process so much easier by helping her to get set up to work from home and the Senior Management team has gone above and beyond with their support and concern.

And lastly to all of our friends which we consider family. The outpouring of support has been the most humbling thing of my life. I never knew how much people cared for Jenny and I. I would love to single people out but I wouldn't want anyone's feeling hurt. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. We love you all so much.

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