Monday, May 9, 2011

We Are Slackers

We've both been more than a little slack recently. First of all, here is the link (finally) to the pictures from Tee It Up for Tim. Katie Blaker did an amazing job and actually got these to me awhile ago but please see the title of this post for a reference as to what happened with that. We'd love to add in any that you all took so feel free to send those along as well.

Many of you have asked how things are going and you'd actually know if we would've actually updated this thing like we were supposed to. The last treatment went pretty well. Dr. Edenfield gave Tim Erbitux instead of Vectibix this time to see if that would help with the rash. We thought all was good until the end of last week when his rash came raging back. We're still taking it as a good sign of the work that it is doing in Tim's body (helping mark the cancer cells so his immune system can take them out). The rest of the treatment wasn't really terrible. He slept the majority of the time but did end up getting sick enough to run a high-enough fever on Saturday night for us to have to call the cancer center and let them know (which for him is an astounding 100.5). We got lucky in that his fever broke around midnight and he felt well enough to go play golf the next day. I'm sure he would've still been desparately ill had we needed to do some yard work though...

Speaking of yard work...we did end up doing some last week and I ended up contracting poison oak on the back of one of my legs. It looks eeriely similar to Tim's rash so we used it as an opportunity to ask his oncologist if he was really sure that Tim's rash wasn't contagious. Dr. Edenfield's face was priceless as his observed my leg asking if it itched. Unfortunately Tim couldn't hold out the joke long enough to really make it worthwhile but we did get Dr. Edenfield for just a minute.

No CEA tests this week but Tim's was down enough to barely qualify within the "normal" range the last time it was checked. We are so grateful for that but are always just waiting for it to spike again. For now Tim only has 2 more treatments and will then go onto an Erbitux only treatment until his CEA starts to trend back up again. We're really praying that we can extend that for as long as possible in order for his bone marrow (and for us) to get a break from chemo that we really could use right now.

Otherwise that is about it for us, he starts Round 11 on Wed and we're planning on staying in for a low-key weekend. Hope you all are enjoying the warm weather and have a great week.
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