Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Chemo Starts Today

As I write this they have just hooked up the IV for Tim's newest drug. They will take it nice & slow for this first infusion to make sure he doesn't end up having any adverse reactions to it so today will be a pretty long day but we're pretty sure it should all run smoothly. In other news, Tim just got reaccepted to the Oncology Rehab program so we're hopeful that it will help him to feel his best as he continues through therapy as it did previously.

This is also something that is pretty neat, News 4 did a story about Tim's oncologist & the work they are doing at iTOR, which is where the money for the tournament is going this year. I think Tim previously mentioned the DNA matching that they are looking at for him right now & this gives a little more background into all of that.

On that note, make sure you sign up for the golf tournament & dinner/silent auction at, its going to be a fun day & the golf spots are already filling up quickly!
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