Wednesday, March 17, 2010

USC vs. Furman

Like I said on Monday I will not be letting an entire week go by without updating the site.  This really won't be a long post tonite but I figured tonite is as good as any night to write one. 

Yesterday I worked a full day and felt really good all day long.  The great thing about the chemo I am on is that the week and a half that I am not on it I really feel pretty good.  Now there are times that I will get tired, but other than that I almost feel normal.  Last night my dad got his law firm's box seats so Jenny, her dad, my parents, Randall, Marty, and myself went and watched the USC vs Furman game.  It was good to get out and see a baseball game again this week.  After the top of the 9th inning I walked down and was able to run into David Marchbanks, his dad, and Brad Wingo, whose brother had a great game last night.  It was good to see those guys and catch up a little bit.  After the game was over I first walked down to the USC side and was able to see and talk with Coach Tanner for a couple of minutes as well as Lipsey, little Kish, and Kitick.  After talking with those guys for a couple of minutes I walked over and was able to see Coach Smith, Coach Whitfield, and Will Owens.  They were disappointed with the outcome but they will fix the problems and get back on track soon.

Today I was up and out of the house by 8:20 and met my mom at my office so that I could drop off my car and ride with her over to chemo.  We got there pretty close to 9:00 and I was hooked up and the treatment started.  While I was there I did not wear any green so Lynn gave me her St. Patty's Day necklace to wear while I was in there, but did pinch me before I was allowed to put it on.  As little fun as it is to get treatments, all of the people at The Cancer Center and especially my nurses are so nice and make it as fun as possible.  My treatment was over at 12:15 and my mom and I went and met my dad for a quick lunch before I headed into work for just a little bit today. 

I will update the site again on Friday to let everyone know how round number 2 went.  Thank you again for all of the thought and prayers.

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