Monday, February 7, 2011

Round 3 Done, Chemo - 1, Tim - 2

Well as Jenny wrote in the previous blog, this round was actually kind of easy. I was not given any Vectibix this round to hopefully stop making me look like a 13 year old boy. I think that I actually slept more this round than any other round and I don't have a reason why that is, but it was quite enjoyable.

The highlight of the week was Thursday night at the "Tending for Tim" event (go here to see all of the pictures). I can't even begin to say how thankful we are for everyone that helped to put the event together, spread the word, and everyone that was able to make it. It was truly a humbling thing to have that many people show up. I was only planning on staying there for a little over an hour but it was so good to see so many people that I didn't want to leave. I paid for it on Friday being a little bit sleepier than usual but it was worth it. It seemed that all of the guest bartenders had a good time and I really wanted to thank them for taking the time to do that.

After all of that excitement, we had a quiet weekend just watching movies and relaxing. We were able to make it to both of our Super Bowl parties on Sunday. We started off by stopping by the Haas' and then finishing with the Lenars. As embarrassing it is to say, I grew up Cleveland fan so it is weird that I was actually cheering for Pittsburgh. The game was good but to me it didn't feel like Super Bowl Sunday for some reason. I guess since I didn't have any money on anything it was hard for me to get into the game.

We are really hoping that the momentum from the event will carry over and help us to gain even more exposure and awareness about colon cancer and its prevention. If everyone just told 5 people about this disease just think about the impact that alone would make. I hope that everyone has a good week and thank you again for all of the support.
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