Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prep for Round 3

So Tim and I have started the new diet from the nutritionist. I have to say that its not as bad as I thought it would be although the amount of meat we are allowed vs. the amount of vegetables/fruits we are supposed to eat has been a big adjustment. What has been a challenge is planning our weekly meals. It took a solid hour to get everything straightened out for this week and I only needed to plan out 3 dinner meals (Tim doesn't eat full meals when he is on chemo and breakfast & lunch for us are the same thing over & over & over again for awhile :) ). The complicated part is that we are supposed to be getting different colors of vegetables each day and there are guidelines for how many of each color for each week. Confused yet? Me too! Here is the chart we were given if that helps.

After getting the menu all planned out I went through our cabinets, pantry and fridge and got rid of the banned products (sugar, processed stuff, white flour, sugar and pastas). At least hopefully we can lose some of the weight we gained when we were making funfetti cakes every week awhile back (such a deliciously bad idea by the way). Unfortunately the cake I made is not the pretty one as shown below...Tim can give Betty Crocker a run for her money.

So I went to Trader Joe's restocked our pantry and we've had 2 healthy meals now. I have to say they are not as bad as I thought (not as good or pretty either) but it will be a transition to learn how to cook all of this stuff.

In other news, Tim's doctors are going to hold the Vectibix this week in order to clear up his rash. Hopefully it will be much better so he can pick it back up the next week though. Other than that we're just cruising through this new routine. More to come later this week!
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