Monday, February 21, 2011

Round 4

So I'm running a little behind on my updates and the past 2 weeks have been somewhat eventful which will make this post a little longer than usual. Our weekend after Tim's chemo was pretty low-key, we went to the Haas' for the Superbowl as well as to some of our neighbors, the Lenars.

Monday was Tim's appointment with his dermatologist, Dr. Westmoreland, who prescribed a couple of new drugs to try to alleviate his rash. Dr. Edenfield seems pleased with the progress its made thus far but there is still a good ways left to go before they will let him start taking the Vectibix again (which is really important to keeping the cancer at bay). Hopefully it will clear up enough over the next 2 weeks that he can start getting it again (as he did not for the 2nd time this week). Apparently his very pale complexion may be a contributing factor to why he has experienced such a severe reaction to the rash.

Tuesday we had some friends over for dinner and Wednesday was the big day of fun for us. We both worked but we had our first dance lesson that evening. Tim gave me lessons at our engagement party to learn how to shag for our wedding but with his diagnosis and surgery we never had the time before the wedding and finally got around to taking them. Now anyone who knows anything about our abilities, especially mine, knows just how much of a challenge this presented to our instructor. In high school my dancing "abilities" were a constant source of entertainment for my friends and continuing into college I won an award from my sorority for being the best dancer, it was a joke. I say all of that to make a point as to just how bad I am and yet Tim is even worse, for once in my life I actually looked like a pro.

We had a great time and finished up our last 3 lessons over the weekend and early the next week. Thursday, we made our friends Josh & John come over to sample our new healthy food (this month hasn't been our best attempt at eating correctly). For once everything actually turned out to taste good (aka it actually had some taste). If anyone has any really healthy recipes that actually don't taste that way please send them our way!

Friday we went out to try Nose Dive with a big group of friends and had a great time. They have some great food at very reasonable prices for anyone who has been thinking of trying it out.

Saturday I drove up to Asheville just to poke around an antique warehouse I had been trying to get to for a few months now and planned to have dinner with my mom while Tim met up with an old neighbor of theirs that came back to town and had dinner with his parents and grandparents.

Sunday, Tim played golf with his dad, brother and Dr. Vann while I did our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (which we are now cult followers of).

Monday (aka Valentine's Day) was a typical day with Tim's lab work and doctor appointment. We worked for the rest of the day and because Tim had to work that night I grabbed some dinner for us and brought it up to the office for him. I'm not too upset as my dad has trained me to believe that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday...lucky for him I also believe the same applies for Father's Day.

Tuesday was a slow day and Wednesday started another round of chemo. It wasn't the best one he's had but I'll leave that part up for Tim to share.
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