Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Round 4 Done, Chemo - 1, Tim - 2, Tie - 1

This past treatment wasn't the easiest that I have had but it wasn't the hardest either. I got to catch up on a lot of sleep those three days, and really didn't do much else. As Jenny posted earlier we did get some good news as we found out that my CEA level has dropped around 75%. As Dr. Edenfield said "this is a great sign and one that hopefully we have found the right drug combination." That news definately made Wednesday's treatment much easier to get through.

I went to see Dr. Westmoreland again this past week about my new look that I have going on my face. She said that she thinks that it getting better, I don't see this but she is the expert. She now thinks that what is left on my face is due to all of the steriods I am taking and not really the Vectibix.

I am looking forward to this weekend as Jenny and I are planning on going on a short trip to Asheville on Saturday and then I will return to the links again on Sunday with dad and Steven. Hopefully I will play better this Sunday than I did the last time that I played. (Dr. Rogers, I promise that I will be back to church extremely soon.)

Ok I need to run Jeopardy is on and it is the "Teen Tournament" so that means I will get at least 3 questions right. I hope that everyone has a great week.
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