Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little More Information & Tim's TV Appearance

Tim had his scan yesterday & there really isn't anything to report as of yet. We'll get those results next Monday & until then we're really just waiting & directing our full attention to the golf tournament.

My dad sent me the link to the article below tonight & I thought it was worth sharing. This gives you a better idea of what they are doing with all of the testing of Tim right now & what they are working toward finding out with testing his original tumor & getting the biopsy on these newer ones within his lungs.


We still aren't really sure what outcome we're hoping for out of the PET/CT but we're ready to move forward & get settled into a definitive routine again. We will keep you all updated as we figure it all out!

We now have 2 dates you need to add onto your calendar, the first obviously being the golf tournament, dinner & silent auction on April 23rd at Greenville Country Club. Golf registration starts at 10:30 with a tee time of 12 & will be followed by a dinner & silent auction from 6-8. We've started getting some great silent auction items and should have sign-ups for golf teams, hole sponsorships & dinner reservations online very soon!

The other date is for March 15, set your DVRs for 10AM on Channel 7 (for all of you non-locals you can go to this link: http://www.yourcarolina.tv/video/livestream/). Tim will be on Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly with Dr. Edenfield to speak to Colon Cancer Awareness (March is Colon Cancer month) & to publicize the golf tournament, dinner & silent auction as well as to speak to what iTOR is/does. My 15 minutes of fame were over the second I heard my voice shaking as I was speaking the first time we were on Your Carolina so I'll happily be watching the pros (and yes, Tim defines himself as a pro after one time on camera) from behind the camera for this go-round!
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