Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Update

I met with Dr. Edendfield on Monday to go over how things are going with me and what lies ahead. We have decided that the treatment plan that I am currenlty going through has just about run its course. So, after today's treatment, that I am currenty getting, we are going to have a new PET Scan done this coming Monday to see if anything has changed on that scan. We will have our normal Monday visit with Dr. Edenfield the following Monday to talk about the scan and decide how we are going to do a biopsy of the small spots on my lungs. The biopsy is solely for the purpose of getting the profile of the spots to see if there are any drugs that will work better in fighting the cancer than what I am getting now or have gotten. It is also my understanding that I may be switching back to FOLFOX, the chemo I got for my 1st 12 treatments I ever recieved, and combine that with a drug called Avastin starting with my next treatment two weeks from today to keep the cancer cells confused.

While this news isn't great we are still keeping a positive attitude and will be victorious in the end. I hope that everyone has a great week & keep an eye out for additional information on the golf tournament coming out soon.

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