Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We decided to backtrack a bit and, for the time being, stop worrying about the raw part and concentrate on eating the right things. Tonight we returned to one of man's greatest inventions. Fire.

Today's food was pretty uneventful besides the fact I forgot my carrots for my carrot and hummus mid-afternoon snack. Won't do that again... For dinner tonight I made a "pizza" by combining grated cauliflower, cheese and garlic and baking it into a crust. Then mixed the remainder of our ricotta with more garlic (we've gone through two bulbs in two days) and used that mixture as a sauce before layering it with shallots, squash and zucchini and topping that with feta. That got baked for a little while more and finally we added some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and green onions to the top. It was amazing, even Tim loved it and we are finally full.

We came home to the sweetest note along with a balloon and flower from one of our neighbors. Emery told her mom that "Mr. Tim needs a pink flower" and apparently searched through the balloons until she found just the right one. We are incredibly lucky to not only be surrounded by great neighbors but to have become close friends with so many of them.

Unfortunately we did find out today that Tim's CEA has risen again so it looks like it is business as usual for the next two weeks and unless this new diet plan does some amazing things in the next two weeks he will be switching after that. We're really praying hard that it will stabilize as we need the security and stability of knowing what to expect with the current treatment he is on and he's still so worn out from the last treatments. Just not ready to get back into that schedule again.

Also, please keep our friends Ally and Landon Powell and their families in your prayers as the Memorial Service for their daughter Izzy is tomorrow evening.

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