Monday, January 28, 2013

"OMG. You mean we don't cook anything? Like ever?"

So Monday started out pretty well, no huge problems occurred with our new diet plan other than practically lugging around a suitcase of all of the snacks, juices, etc. Then lunchtime came.

First I went downstairs to my office kitchen to find that someone brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Sometimes fate is cruel, sometimes you find out that fate is your father. Yep, he actually brought doughnuts to work on my first full day of the new diet regime. Thanks for the support dad! :) I had to use a lot of Peppermint Oil to resist that temptation.

I took the leftover "Garden Lasagna" only to find it had become "Garden Soup". Needless to say it was not appetizing. Luckily I brought a salad (always thinking ahead!) and an afternoon snack of berries, hummus and carrots. I ate it all at lunch. By 3 I was so hungry and all I could think about was sinking my teeth into a cheeseburger (I never said that Tim was alone in his drama). Not too long after that I got a text from Tim saying how hungry he was as well. Lesson learned, have to bring even more vegetables in until our bodies adjust to the new standards.

Needless to say we were both really looking forward to dinner. I made another Kris Carr original, a Buddha Bowl which promises to be fast, easy, filling and delicious. Lies. First of all, short grain brown rice is not rice as we all know it. It's chewy little orbs of nothingness. Secondly I think I have discovered Kris Carr's secret. Garlic is used in every raw dish as an attempt to hide the flavor of whatever creation has been concocted that time. In this instance the Buddha Bowl was past the point of no return. Tim got the idea to add some hoisin sauce to "make it taste better" which it absolutely did not do. That was the first dish of this experiment to head to the compost bin. At this rate it won't be the last. :)

We also tried to make a veggie Pad Thai. It started out strong and quickly went to mediocre, even though we used real spaghetti noodles rather than Kelp Noodles. It was another Kris Carr raw recipe and, you guessed it, was loaded with garlic. We both got through almost a bowl each.

Tim finished his dinner off with the remainder of his yogurt and granola while I worked at our berry tray.

I'm thinking we may have been a bit too ambitious to start out with all raw recipes in our first week (my stomach just growled its agreement). In our defense we had no idea that these were all raw are a tricky woman Mrs. Carr! I believe we will go back to cooking our food next week while keeping the same parameters. Hunger does not suit us well. So if you see either of us and we look slightly on edge or are a bit grumpier than usual (another lesson learned, two grouchy people are not a ball of fun :) ) just know its because we either smell that delicious meat you ate for lunch and are extremely jealous or it's that our bodies/minds are currently rebelling us for the forced changes. The goal is to make it for two whole weeks and go from there once we get Tim's results. We're hoping (really hoping) that we can get Tim's cancer under control and maybe one day not eat like rabbits any more . :) As Tim's cousin Danielle pointed out, I'm really looking forward to the point where this becomes habit rather than effort.
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