Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eye on the Prize

I am pooped. As in to the bone exhausted. I mowed our lawn this weekend, not really sure why other than that our other neighbors were so I followed the trend thinking that maybe it will help us grow some grass this year. Our neighbor across the street, Mr. McCann's yard looks impeccable...ours is where even weeds go to die. See why my dad & Tim have so much faith in my little garden? I digress, I looked really amazing mowing the yard with my facemask that I thought would keep the pollen away from my face as I'm basically allergic to any & everything that is outside. I might as well have been inhaling the pollen bc my immune system has completely shut down for it's annual spring break. My poor co-workers have had to deal with me losing my train of thought mid-sentence and just staring at them...awesome.

Tim finished up his chemo today (he went Monday instead of Wednesday this week) and this has been the best round yet. He's finally starting to figure out that laying around makes him feel worse. Someone brilliant told him that a few weeks ago but he is just now letting it sink in :). So after eating full meals and not acting like a slug on the couch he felt much better. I also didn't have the energy to help him as much as I usually would and so far have gone to bed at 8 every night up until tonight. They did the bloodwork for his CEA this week but he & Lynn decided to wait until he's had at least 4 weeks of chemo until we know what that number is. It takes a little bit of stress off if the number had been bad but I honestly had forgotten he needed to have one so now I can't stop obsessing over what it could be. It's really a potentially double-edged sword...

We're finally starting to catch up a little bit on all of the BrightLife stuff but this is likely to be our last week of some semblance of freedom until May. We're 2 1/2 weeks away from the tournament/dinner/silent auction and have some really great stuff to auction off this year (we updated the listing tonight, there are still quite a few things that we're waiting to arrive or to finalize as a package before posting:

If you haven't registered for your spot for the dinner make sure you visit here to do so: Just as last year, we're only doing pre-registrations just to make sure we have an accurate count for the dinner and to make everything move faster for the check-in. Thanks for all of your understanding with this! It makes our crazy lives just a tad easier :)

We're working towards filling up the sponsorships which is a great feeling to have and there are LOTS of media spots coming up including an article in GHS's newsletter, an article in the Greer Citizen, being on Carolina Now on the CW, an insert in the Journal, I believe there will be a follow-up story on Fox Carolina & there might be a story on WYFF. Basically all of this to say if you aren't sick of us yet, you will be soon!

The house looks incredible, we went by today and the designers have mostly finalized everything. Monkee's & Jack Runnion will be filling up the closets shortly & before we know it we will be open for tours!

April 1st kicks off an incredibly crazy month, we get to kick it off with another round of chemo for Tim, followed by the tournament on the 8th and the crazy weekend that leads up to it, next up is our anniversary on the 10th (peace and quiet are on the agenda for the 9th-11th - regardless of my dad thinking that tax returns are not good planning, I love them & that they arrive just in time for an anniversary trip each year :)), the showhome opens to the public on the 12th and will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the end of April. I've already booked May 4th & 5th as nap days for us.

We wanted to thank everyone for all you have done and for all you are doing, you all are absolutely incredible! Cancer takes away a lot of your sense of control (awesome thing to do to someone who is highly OCD :)), raising money and awareness for iTOR is the only thing we've been able to do in the past few years that has given us back a little sense of that control that we've lost with Tim's diagnosis. So although we're both physically, mentally & emotionally drained right now, we wouldn't trade it for anything :). I can't imagine anything that is more rewarding!
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