Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prayer Request

There is a lot that we've been meaning to share with you all but we will get around to that at some other time. Today we found out that Tim's white blood cell count has taken a small dip. It's nothing unusual, in fact its more unusual that this hasn't happened earlier. What it does mean is that he is more susceptible to infection and it means that if the numbers do not improve by Monday he will have to have his treatment held.

Please keep Tim in your prayers that his numbers will improve enough for treatment to continue on schedule on Monday. Please also forgive both of us as we won't be able to hug you or shake your hand until everything improves as we can't risk Tim getting any sort of infection. This information doesn't mean that we have to go into seclusion but it means we have to be much more aware of our surroundings, including interacting with people who have any symptom of being sick.

He isn't currently sick other than some allergy issues and just feeling a bit run-down and exhausted overall and if all goes well (and we stay vigilant) that will hopefully be as bad as it gets for him.

Thank you for your understanding & even more, thank you for keeping Tim in your prayers!
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