Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Fever

Tim ran a high fever this morning and although they were able to get it down pretty quickly, antibiotics have been restarted and they are working to try to figure out what is causing the fever if possible. We've had success with getting him started on the trial and are slowly ramping up the dosage to full strength. It's still much to early to tell if the chemo is working but we're still putting all of our hopes and prayers towards its success. We've been blessed that he has such great care up here and so many people just cheering him on and doing absolutely everything they can to help give him the best advantage possible in this fight. We've had some great nurses sharing their testimonies with us recently and some of the stories are so amazing they will give you chills. I feel as though we are growing in our faith even more than before because of these experiences. Please pray that a definitive reason for these random fevers is found and can be treated as well as for the success of this trial.

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