Monday, September 22, 2014


Today was another hard day. I've had a migraine since Friday and ended up waking up feeling terrible. I haven't had much sleep over the past few weeks but even less over the past few days. I was afraid i would pass something along to Tim so I left the hospital and went to Exigent. In the meantime, our dog, Maddy, woke up with a pretty nasty looking spot on her face and had to be taken to the emergency vet. She's ok but I decided to bring her back to the hospital for a visit with me. She's been such a good girl, calm and sleeping cuddled up next to me for the past few hours. I think this was something all three of us needed. The team at the cancer center is regrouping in the morning to put together some options for Tim so hopefully tomorrow should bring a plan of action. At this point were both pretty beaten down and it's hard for his pain and anxiety to be controlled while still preserving his breathing so we've been struggling with those issues. Please pray for some peace and guidance in what path we should choose tomorrow (even though we don't know the options yet). As well as some pain relief for Tim and rest for both of us.

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