Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rough Day

Today has been a rough one. Tim woke up this morning with some stomach cramping and pain which we believe may've been from him trying out a pork chop last night (he's supposed to stick to a very low-fat diet but has to try things out a little at a time to see if his body is ready - obviously his body gave a resounding no). We got that under control and headed to the cancer center for him to restart the trial he was on before all of the hospital mess this past week. After we finished up there we had turkey burgers at Grill Marks, picked up some Olive Oil at Palmetto Olive Oil and got him some TCBY (it's non-fat). As soon as we got back to his parents he started feeling bad and has been sick for the past few hours. I think we've got it under control finally but the poor guy just feels beaten down between the hospital stays and now this. We knew this trial would be rough in the get-go as we figured out what combination of drugs works the best to keep him from getting sick. Our goal for tonight is for him to recuperate and rehydrate. Today is also a tough day for some of our very good friends, one lost her brother in a car accident a few years back and it's a bittersweet day for another as her twin girls were born two years ago today. Ellie is a bubbly, sweet little girl and her sister Izzy is now a sweet angel watching over all of them. Please keep these two families in your prayers today and please pray for a better day for Tim. Dr. E thinks this trial is really promising so the faster we can get him stabilized and moving forward the better. Getting his cancer back under control (& it would be even better to get it to recede some and completely unbelievable but the best thing ever to cure it) is of the utmost importance right now for his overall health, as well as for our sanity. Thanks all!

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