Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We're frustrated

Today has been a long one in that we didn't get much sleep from last night through today. Tim was really unsettled and anxious for awhile last night and when we did finally get him settled down and asleep it seemed as though it was time for meds or vitals or respiratory therapy and before we knew it the rounding began. This is daunting when you have as many specialties looking in on you as Tim does right now. It's great to know they are looking thoroughly into everything but it's a lot of people to consult with. He also had a lot of labs that had to be drawn, we had to meet with the pharmacist about he meds he's on (5 pages worth these days) to make sure all were accounted for and between all of that, the next thing we knew they were taking him down for an echocardiogram. He walked a little today but without sleep he tired out pretty quickly. We were able to get him in a wheelchair and head down to the cafeteria for him to be able to pick some snacks for himself. He's finally on a "regular" diet although the number of restrictions can get confusing. To be honest I'm a little confused on what is ok and what isn't these days. The surgical oncologist, Dr. Trocha, is still observing him to see if his gallbladder is what's causing his fevers, there is another concern that he is retaining fluid, especially around his joints & lungs and what could be the cause for that. To be honest, it's all getting to be too much to handle. It seems like we can't get past one hurdle before another pops up. Were both incredibly frustrated and worn down right now, ultimately we could really use some good news for awhile and for Tim's health to start looking up without all of these constant complications for once. The lack of sleep between all the necessary things that need to happen here at the hospital and the inability to sleep from a racing mind doesn't help either for either of us. Please pray for a break for us, we need it desperately as many days it feels like we're barely able to hang on to what little sanity that remains.

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