Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Round 1

Today was Tim's first day back on chemo and although parts of it were really similar to his first experience, we also learned a lot. We first learned that one of the new drugs he is receiving (can't remember which one it was) can cause a pretty severe allergic reaction so they loaded Tim up with a nice big dose of Benadryl. We quickly learned just how loopy that made Tim (and how entertaining that was) as he began slurring his words, his head became a bobble-head and his eyes turned to tiny little slits. He didn't make it much longer until he was out for a good hour to an hour and a half. See the picture below (until I get censored by him and am forced to remove it) of him just as the Benadryl was starting to hit. His face was priceless as he enjoyed the ride and I'm going to be in SO much trouble for sharing :).

We also found out that there is a new protocol for how he has to receive his pump. A company called Intramed Plus has to send one of their representatives over to attach his pump and the 5FU (aka one of the chemo drugs). A sad part of this discovery was that he will no longer have the same fanny pack for each treatment so bedazzling the fanny pack this time is no longer an option. I have to say I was very disappointed to learn that as I had just talked him into getting it bedazzled as of yesterday. But we had to learn how to use a new pump (which was pretty much the same as the old) so we spent a good amount of time getting the run-down from one of Intramed's nurses which cut into Tim's naptime.

Unfortunately we're not really sure if it was the lack of napping (or due to napping which he usually doesn't do during treatments), the fact that he had a cold going into this or that its just hasn't been very long since his last set of treatments but he is feeling pretty awful today. As he put it, it feels like he is on Round 13 rather than starting over at Round 1 again. I'm keeping him loaded on nausea meds, liquids and bland foods and we're hoping that we can get ahead of it all by tomorrow so we know better how to deal with everything for Round #2. Thank you all so much for the support, you all are amazing!
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