Friday, January 21, 2011

Round 2 Done, Chemo - 1, Tim - 1

So just to go ahead and clear this little misunderstanding up, I am not pregnant. I do appreciate all of the congratulatory texts I received this morning though. :) I believe the word I should've used yesterday was "fun" rather than "exciting" as my dad pointed out. Lesson learned on thinking before I speak, haha.

Tim was unhooked this morning and didn't need any extra fluids so I think we can officially chalk him up for a win this week. They've given him some prednisone to hopefully help clear his face and body up from the rash the rest of the way, which I know he will be really grateful for as it is uncomfortable to deal with.

Ok, so here is the real news that we are excited about. My company, Erwin-Penland, has put together an event for BrightLife at Soby's on February 3. They've done such an amazing job with everything (as you can see by the poster below). If you'd like more information here is a link to the page with it all (you can access this even if you don't have a Facebook account): 

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