Thursday, January 20, 2011

Round 2

This round has gone MUCH more smoothly than the last. This time they switched up a few variables and it looks as though, at least for now, they've found the winning combination. Not too bad considering he is only on the second round...

Rather than knocking him out cold with the Benedryl they subbed in Claritin and incorporated a new anti-nausea med as well. Although his appetite is not at it's usual level it is much above where it was last week so we will consider it a win. Things really are looking up as Tim's rash is starting to get rehydrated it seems and has started to fade a little. We've been told that it will be an up and down thing where it will come and go but it's really nice for him to feel as though he has received so many wins this week.

On another front, I got a Facebok message from Megan Heidlberg this morning saying that Tim's oncologist was about to be on Your Carolina. I knew Tim would be excited to watch so i woke him up and got him out to the couch just in time. Dr. Edenfield did a great job (as did Megan of course) and Tim lit up when Megan mentioned his name on air. That kid is a sucker for people remembering him :). Here is the link to watch if you want to see just why we think Dr. Edenfield is so wonderful:

This good day was capped off with our friends, the Stathakis', dropping off dinner from Stax. Easily one of my favorite restaurants. Unfortunately we didnt get to hang out with Michael for too long due to Tim's insurance nurse case worker being here our introductory meeting but it was good to see him.

We have some other pretty exciting news to share tomorrow but right now Tim is snoring away so I need to get to bed so I can actually get to sleep before he gets too loud :).
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