Monday, August 11, 2014

Back where it all started

Tim was supposed to start chemo again today but still wasn't feeling great so they've decided to push his start date back a week. He's still been having pain in his abdomen and back as well as issues keeping his reflux at bay so they referred him to a GI. 

It just so happens that the GI he was referred to was Dr. Idris, the GI that found his cancer initially. We've both been wanting to thank him for his diligence for the past four and a half years so it was great to finally be able to acknowledge how much we appreciated his efforts. 

Dr. Idris has recommended doing an endoscopy to check as to why Tim's acid reflux has gotten so bad as well as a special ultrasound to check to see if they can find a reson for the swelling of his pancreas. 

Please pray that Tim's pancreatitis continues to improve (they were really amazed with the amount his numbers dropped between Monday and Froday of last week!). Please also say a big prayer that the swelling of the pancreas has nothing to do with cancer cells or tumors in that area and that a reason for his acid reflux getting so bad can be found (an easy to fix reason that is).

Thank you all for your prayers and support!
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